Arrived home from first trip with our new Tray-Tek camper. Brilliant in every aspect. Up the back way to Alice Springs – short cut after Mildura to Yunta, Gammon Ranges, Leigh Creek, Marree, Oodnadatta, Eringa, Finke, Kulgera). Then west via Gary Junction Road, up to Marble Bar, Port Hedland, Karratha, mine road to Tom Price, Newman, Cue, then westwards via Murchison to Kalbarri. Down to Perth, then out to Lake King, Kulari, then Telegraph Track from Dundas to Balladonia. Then back on bitumen and home.

Tray-Tek campers must sell by word of mouth. We hadn’t seen one in the ‘flesh’, but Linda put us in contact with owners in our vicinity. They were happy to show theirs off to us and we still keep in contact.

We were really impressed when we first rang Darrell regarding purchase. We told him we had specific requirements and he told us he would build it to suit us. And he did! The bed is ideal, we’d been swag and tent people for years so sheer luxury being so cosy and dry. The build of the camper is professional and everything works properly. The light weight of the unit is an absolute winner.

We’ve met many people on the road dragging trailers and all the associated problems and had to be conscious of not bragging about the Tray-Tek. Especially when setting up in a fraction of the time and stress!

Many thanks Darrell and Linda, hope you get time to enjoy your labours.

Graham & Leanne Shearer, SA – September, 2012
“Photo “Having a cuppa on the WA / NT Border”